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How to get to your hotel and the congress venue


Vienna has a well developed public transport system consisting of busses (Autobus), tramway lines (Straßenbahn),  subway (U-Bahn) and regional trains (S-Bahn). Most of them can be used with the same type of ticket (see below). The suggested routes are chosen to minimise changes (and possibilities of errors). If there is a choice of directions to take on a line this is indicated. Otherwise you are at the terminal stop with only one way to go.

If you arrive by plane at Vienna Airport you have several options to get downtown: 

City-Airport-Train (CAT)
Runs every half hour between Vienna International Airport and City Air Terminal,
Airport - City: 5 and 35 minutes after the hour (first 6.05, last 23.35)
City-Airport: 8 and 38 minutes after the hour (first 5.38, last 23.08)
Duration 16 min
Price: Adult single fare EUR 8.-, return fare EUR 15.-; Children under 15 free (special ticket) 

Bus Services Vienna Airport lines
Airport - Schwedenplatz every 30 minutes, starting 6.20 until 0.20
Schwedenplatz - Airport ever 30 minutes, starting  5.00 until 22.30
Duration 22 minutes
Price: Adult EUR 6.- (special ticket)
Airport - Südbahnhof - Westbahnhof, every 30
minutes, starting 6.05 to 0.05
Westbahnhof - Südbahnhof - Airport,every 30
minutes, starting 6.05 to 0.05
Duration 35 minutes
Price: EUR 6.- (special ticket) 

S-Bahn S 7 (direction Floridsdorf) every 30 minutes to Wien Mitte (= City Air Terminal)
Airport - City 10 and 40 minutes after the hour (last 22.40)
City - Airport 25 and 55 minutes after the hour
Duration 32 minutes
Price: Adult EUR 3.- (ticket may be used to continue with tram or subway) 

Take into account that a taxi ride from Vienna City Airport to the city center/ hotel costs approximately Eur 30.- and takes 25 minutes. It is the most comfortable way to get to the respective hotel, as otherwize you need to change several times. Anyway public transportation is very well connected and also quite reasonable.


If you arrive by train from the West (Wien Westbahnhof) you may use:
Tramway Line 5 or Subway U 6 

If you arrive by train from the South or East (Wien Südbahnhof) you may use:
Tramway D or 18


Getting from the Airport

To the Vienna Biocentre Althanstrasse (Congress Venue)
Take CAT to City Air Terminal or S-Bahn to Wien Mitte, then subway U 4 (direction Heiligenstadt) to station Spittelau, leave station in direction "Verkehrsamt, Wirtschaftsuniversität", walk past a strangely decorated incinerator, cross the road and then follow signs ISS 2006 (5 min walk)

To Hotel Academia
Take the bus to Südbahnhof, change to bus number 13A and get off at stop Piaristengasse/ Lerchenfelderstraße; Piaristengasse - Zeltgasse - Pfeilgasse.

To Hotel Atlas
Take the bus to Südbahnhof; change to bus 13A, get off at stop Piaristengasse; then walk to Lerchenfelderstraße direction city center.

To Hotel Albatros
Take the City-Airport-Train named CAT to Landstrasse/ Wien Mitte. Change to subway U4 ( green line direction Heiligenstadt)- get off at Friedensbrücke and change to the tram number 5 direction Westbahnhof for 2 stops. Then walk a few meters to Liechtensteinstrasse/ Hotel Albatros.

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Getting from the Westbahnhof

To the Vienna Biocentre Althanstrasse (Congress Venue)
Take subway U 6  (direction Floridsdorf) to station Spittelau (further directions see above)
Alternatively take tramway 5 to station Franz-Josefs-Bahnhof, then walk three minutes.

Getting from the Südbahnhof

To the Vienna Biocentre Althanstrasse (Congress Venue)
Take tramway D to stop Althanstraße. You are there.


General Information

Vienna is a safe town for its size (2 million inhabitants). You may walk the city at night without being afraid. Be careful only in large subway nodes, such as Karlsplatz or Schwedenplatz, where pickpockets tend to hang out.

Currency and money
Austria's currency is the Euro (€) which is approximately US $ 1,20 depending on the daily exchange rate. There is 20% sales tax (VAT) in Austria. Use this VAT calculator to check how much VAT you need to pay.

Should be fine in August with mostly sunshine and temperatures in the upper 20° C (80° F). But you can check it here.

Using the Public Transport Services:
Tramway (Strassenbahn), bus (Autobus), subway (U-Bahn) and night busses (NightLine) can be used with the same ticket. Tickets can be bought in busses and tramway lines from the driver or vending machines near the driver (exact change, EUR 2.-), from vending machines in subway stations and in tobacco shops (Tabaktrafik). Price for a single fare is EUR 1.50. You may buy strip tickets (4 or 8 trips) for EUR 6.- or EUR 12.-. A good buy is the "Environment" ticket (Umweltstreifenkarte) for EUR 24 which is valid for 8 days from morning to 1.00 at night (not valid for night busses). Other choices are a daily pass (Netzkarte 24 h) for EUR 5.-, or a 72 hour pass (Netzkarte 72 h) for EUR 12.-. Weekly passes (Wochenkarte) valid 8 days (Monday to Monday) sell for EUR 12.50.-.

In most of the city parking is by permit only. Short term parking permits (Kurzparkschein for 0,5, 1 or 1,5 hours) may be bought at tobacco shops. There is an (expensive) public parking garage in the WU (School of business) building. The ramp along the Biocentre is a strictly enforced tow-away zone!

There are numerous small restaurants in the vicinity of the Biocentre offering all kinds of food. In addition, there are several takeaways and a supermarket selling sandwiches close by. A list of these lunchtime possibilities will be included in your pack. In the evening Vienna offers a great variety of dining opportunities for all tastes.

Wine by the glass is still affordable and you may trust that the house wine (Schankwein) is of good quality. In most restaurants there is no charge for cover, but (fairly high) charges for bread (Italians be careful!).

Tipping is customary and you generally add about 10%.


Culture Quickies

Here is a mix of sights popular with first time visitors for a weekend visit in Vienna.

If you choose not to spend time in restaurants during lunch break you may grab a sandwich at one of the takeaways or supermarkets and enjoy some of the culture highlights close by, e.g.:

Franz Schubert's Birthplace,
the house where the famous Austrian composer (1797 - 1828)  was born (Nussdorferstrasse 54, and
Lichtenthal church
where he performed for many years (Marktgasse 40, (walking distance)

Palais Liechtenstein
(Fürstengasse 1, with a peaceful park and a gorgeous museum housing the art collection of the Dukes of Liechtenstein featuring baroque masterpieces (walking distance or 3 stops D-tram).

Sigmund Freud Museum
(Berggasse 19. - 4 stops D-tram

University Building (Dr. Karl Lueger Ring 1), courtyard with statues and plaques of famous scientist who have been lecturing there, including Freud, Mach, Boltzmann ...

Votivkirche (Rooseveltplatz 8,, neogothic church with famous 15th century wood-carved "Antwerp Altar",  close to University Building

Take a tour of the Ringstrasse by riding the D-tram to Schwarzenbergplatz and back, passing the University, Burgtheater, Town Hall, Houses of Parliament, Museums of Natural History and Arts, Imperial Palace and Staatsoper.

Contact our registration staff for more suggestions.

Tobacco Shops
In a tobacco shop (Tabak Trafik) you can buy public transport tickets, short term parking permits, postcards, postage stamps, stationery, newspapers and all kinds of useful and useless things. You also can by tobacco products, but be aware that smoking is prohibited in the Biocentre building